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Welcome to my very first blog post!

I’m not quite sure what direction these will take, but I’m just gonna write about what’s on my heart. Hair is only part of me. And lately I’ve felt the need to share the rest of me.

Like every mom, wife, woman entrepreneur, I struggle to juggle… all the “things”. Those three things alone will keep a girl hopping, but add in a couple dogs, COVID-19 and an auto-immune disease and ya have a recipe for disaster. Or maybe just a really messy house.

These might come at ya in inconsistently sometimes, depending what is on my mind. I tend to run in cycles.

I used to think I was an open book, but after a few years in therapy I realized I talk a lot, but not necessarily the FEELS that go with all that talking. I leave out the inner most parts of the story. And isn’t that where the story actually begins?

I’m this introvert with sooo much to say. Oxymoron. I know. But I think that’s the disconnect sometimes. I’m empathetic and can talk about how you’re feeling for days…because I actually feel you.

My brain can be a pretty messy place. In writing some stories, I hope to do a little organizing in there. Dust out the cobwebs. Throw away some junk that no longer serves a purpose.

And if I’m terrified to hit that publish button, then I'll know it’s probably pretty good. I’m shoving myself out of my comfortable, cozy box and sharing something that might be important. Important to me and maybe someone else too.

I would also like to know what you want to hear from me. Anything. Sky is the limit. Nothing is taboo. We can talk about personal things. I will also answer all your hair questions, give tutorials and tell you about the latest and greatest in the industry.

I want to have fun with this and see where we go!

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